“La Carbonara” is an institution, a symbol of Italianness in the world.

Variants abound, and here we propose you our version.

We have tried to stick to the original recipe as much as possible!

INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE (we eat it in two … but it’s a real tough test)

500 g of spaghetti (we use those “alla chitarra”)

300 g of “guanciale”

8 eggs

100 g of pecorino romano

Phase 1: “guanciale”

We buy it at the butcher’s counter, then at home we cut it into strips of a thickness of about 0.5cm.

We brown it in a non-stick pan, without adding anything, until the layer of fat is browned…  an explosion of good smell will hit you!

Step 2: the cream.

In a large container, beat 8 egg yolks with a hand whisk, mix approximately 70 g of pecorino romano, previously grated, until a creamy and lump-free consistency is obtained.

We will add two tablespoons of cooking water in the final phase.

Phase 3: the pasta

We throw the spaghetti in salted boiling water.

We love pasta “al dente”, so we always drain them a couple of minutes before the end of cooking (but this depends on the chef’s taste)

Phase 4: assembly.

After draining the pasta, pour it into the pan where our bacon is resting in its appetizing fat, then transfer it to the container with the egg cream, and mix it.

We like to serve Carbonara on a flat plate, sprinkled with another dose of tasty pecorino romano.

Enjoy your meal!!!

See you soon with the next recipe !!

Ps. We are curious to know what you think about it, so send us comments, pics and videos of your carbonara!

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