PINCHOS: food and conviviality

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Spain is known to everyone for its cheerful and convivial soul and its nightlife.

We had a taste of it during a trip in which we passed through Navarre, the Basque Country and Cantabria.

There we made an exciting discovery: the pinchos.

At aperitif time every bar, restaurant and club, cover his counter with colorful and fragrant slices of bread stuffed with fish, meat, cheese, sauces, cold cuts kept together from the inevitable toothpick, which historically gives them their name and which in many places must be kept and delivered to the cashier to get the bill, you pay based on the number of pinchos consumed.

To accompany these delicacies, it is possible to drink a glass of wine, a sangria or a beer that is served on request even in a reduced format to allow customers to consume it in less time and therefore change premises

In this way the aperitif becomes itinerant, also because the pinchos bars are often one in line with the other, and the crowd moves, mixes, promoting the sociability and conviviality

Here are some places, where you can taste these specialties:

  • Pamplona, ​​the city of bulls. Specifically, we were in Calle de la Estafeta
  • Bilbao, capital of the Basque Country, home to the Gugghenheim Museum ,has a suggestive historical center where pinchos bars are everywhere.
  • San Sebastian, city of sea and surfers. Famous for the Semana Santa festival, where thousands of people flock to the streets. For the pinchos bars you can stroll around the “parte veja”

Have a nice trip and tell us your experience!

See you soon with our new discoveries of foods from around the world

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