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Today we want to introduce you a producer and a friend, Marco Barroero.

In his winery is working on a wine production of excellence, which is based on the genuineness of the product and on the love for wine and the conviviality connected to it.

Marco tells us that he started this adventure in 2012, after leaving his job as an oenologist at another winery.

Taking advantage of the teachings of his father and grandfather, who already carried out this activity with a small personal production, his studies and the experience gained in his apprenticeship, he transformed the “Cascina” that he owns in Coazzolo, a small village located on the border between Langhe and Monferrato, in a winery where he produce the typical wines of the area and where he experiment new ideas.

And it’s here where we reached him, to learn about his production and his projects.

We begin to talk, surrounded by the oak barrels in which the wines rest waiting for the next bottling, and Marco explains us how in a first time, he started to produce just Barbera d’asti and Dolcetto but now he works on a lot of different wines such Barbera d’asti Superiore, Langhe nebbiolo, Chardonnay, Vino bianco “Lanfrus” and also a Moscato passito.

The vineyards of the Barroero winery extends on the hill that surrounds his farmhouse ,called “Bric del bosc” in the local dialect, in the hamlet of Lanfrus in the municipality of Coazzolo.

Harvesting is done manually, and no herbicides or pesticides are used throughout the production.

Marco works together with his father Riccardo and his brother Diego ,who help him in the vineyard.

He follows personally all the phases, from production to sale.

Every single product is the son of a Marco’s idea and it’s made according to a recognizable and unique project, like its manufacturer.

Since the old production has already been entirely sold, we have tasted the upcoming releases for you:

– CHARDONNAY 2019: 100% Chardonnay grapes, from 9 months to a year of wooden barrel. Fresh and pleasant, with fruity notes and good acidity.

– “LANFRUS” SECCO 2019: 100% Moscato bianco di Canelli, one year of fermentation in oak barrels. Very fragrant, with hints of citrus. Round and enveloping. On the nose it evokes the normal aromas of a classic and sweet Moscato, while on the palate it explodes with all other flavors. Amazing!

– LANGHE NEBBIOLO 2019: 100% Nebbiolo grapes, which still rest in the wooden barrels to finish the preparation (in fact it will be bottled only in autumn 2021 to give to the wine the time to further evolve and transform) but already give an intense aroma with hints of cherry and mint, typical of the cru “Manzoni” of La Morra , which give sweetness and freshness at the same time. Very persistent and intense

In 2020 Marco became the father of a beautiful child, Alessandro, and to celebrate the birth of his new family, like every artist he created a dedicated work.

In his case, the masterpiece is a sublime BARBERA D ’ASTI SUPERIORE 2017 ” FUTURA “.

Futura is the name of his wife who, as he tells us full of pride, is also the woman who changed his life, as the dedication on the label says.

To obtain this gem, the best grapes of the 2017 harvest, the year in which Marco and Futura met, remained to rest and ferment in oak barrels for 3 years, to be then bottled and will soon be labeled and sold in limited quantities, about 300 bottles. The income of this special edition will be destined for Alessandro, and who knows that in a few years there will not be another limited edition that will have his name …

Before leaving us, Marco confides in us that he is also working on a collaboration for the limited production of a classic method rosé (50% nebbiolo, 50% barbera) vintage 2017, and from how he talks about it we can’t wait to taste it.

We greet our friend with the promise to come back as soon as possible, to discover his new projects and to talk more about wine, his and our passion.

Stay connected … because we are sure there will be interesting news!

Follow Marco on his social media and contact him!

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