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Bush meat is one of the types of meat we love most, and it lends itself to many types of cooking that vary according to the animal and the cut.

What we propose today is the recipe to obtain a tasty boar stew, but it can also be used for roe or deer.



– Wild boar stew

– 1 large white onion

– 1 red onion

– Celery

– 2 carrots

– 0.5 l White wine

– 0.75 l Red wine

– Laurel

– Aromatic herbs

– 1 liter of vegetable broth



Wild boar and game in general, have a very strong flavor and first of all need to be marinated to lose the wild taste that is too intense and annoying for our palate.

So, leave your stew overnight in a large pan with 0.75 l of red wine of your choice, and then drain it the next day.

After completing this operation coarsely chop a large white onion and brown it in a pot, in which you pour the wild boar, do not add anything else and cook it over medium heat for about 30 minutes.

This step is used to permanently remove too penetrating odors.

At the end of this phase, take out the meat and remove the onion with the cooking water that has been produced.



Slice the red onion, celery and carrot for the sauté, do not be too precise in cutting.

Pour a drizzle of oil into a large pot and brown the sauté over high heat, being careful not to burn the onion, and when the vegetables are browned, add the wild boar, a couple of bay leaves and all the spices you like.

We use marjoram and rosemary in particular.



After having sautéed all the ingredients blended with abundant white wine, we used a Langhe Chardonnay, let it evaporate for a few minutes and add two glasses of broth.

Lower the heat, cover and cook for at least 4/5 hours over low heat, adding broth from time to time, if it dries excessively.

After cooking, you can decide to serve it with its sauce or you can blend the sauce and get a cream to pour over the meat.

The result will be a tasty but delicate stew, in which all the flavors blend without overwhelming, to be accompanied with a good full-bodied red.

Enjoy your meal!

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