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“This is the story of two brothers, who followed a dream ..” if this article were a fairy tale, it would certainly begin like this.

Michael and Johannes Pasler are a couple of brothers who share the passion for wine and nature and in 2014 they decided to follow the family tradition, founding their small winery: Weingut Pasler.

Their creation, however, is not a winery like all the others, because the choice of the protagonists of our story was to privilege the authenticity and uniqueness of the grapes and the territory that hosts them, creating a dedicated line of completely natural wines, following a process, from cultivation to bottling, in which human intervention is completely marginal and nature is free to express itself according to its own canons.

We discovered this winery when Michael and Johannes offered us some of their products to taste: the particularity of the wines we tasted led us to want to know this production philosophy more closely.

We asked the Pasler brothers to show us their world, that’s what we discovered.

How was the Pasler’s selection born? What pushed you towards the philosophy of natural wine?

We was two brothers in the 6th generation of our family business, the wine was laid early in the cradle. Thus, we both attended oenological school. In our practices we were allowed to participate and learn in great organic and biodynamic farms. We quickly realized that this was the right form of agriculture and decided to make wines in the cycle of nature. Finally, we were so convinced that in 2014 we founded our small contemplative winery.

Was it difficult to offer these wines to your customers?

New ideas often need new stages! Yes, when wine shows different faces, this of course requires explanation! That had its difficulties at the beginning. But with good partners in the distribution network, you can achieve a lot. God bless great creative wine merchants! (We still look for some in some countries)

What is the difference between biodynamic and natural wines?

We are not primarily concerned to define how wines are called (orange wine, natural wine, organic wine,…) or to rush into any certifications, we are concerned to bring wine in the cycle of nature in healthy agriculture as authentic as possible honest and down to earth in the bottle!
But if you ask, then we would say, that biodynamic and natural wine is for us from the same species of Wine – pure nature!

The vineyard: what are the cultivation and harvesting techniques you apply?

We work organic, with everything that belongs to a healthy agriculture.
Produce our own compost, use to strengthen our plants teas, extracts, and decoctions of herbs from our own forests, use the biodynamic preparations and appreciate and respect nature as it is. We do not interfere with events but work in the cycle of nature! Working with the rhythms of time and the phases of the moon, it gives us extract-rich, loose-berried, healthy grapes that offer a lot of excitement during the handcrafted harvest.

Winemaking: what processes do you subject the grapes in order to remain in the natural regime?

We give the grapes the time which they need! Longer maceration times, ripening without sulphur and on the whole yeasts. That’s all we do with the grapes after picked them by hand.

The cellar: what path do your natural wines follow in the cellar?

All wines enjoy a maceration period. Fermented spontaneously with the vineyard yeasts. Some longer others shorter, with stems but also without, depending on how the year was. Overall, we make wine as simply as possible…as we used to. Red wines ferment on the skins for about 2-3 weeks then are pressed and drawn into wooden barrels for aging and acid reduction, where they then age for 12-24 months depending on the wine. Our white wines are always macerated between 12 and 36 hours or Traminer for two weeks, with but also without stems. After pressing, they ferment in wooden barrels or Clay Egg (Amphore Egg), where they also spend a year on the lees.

Tasting: How can we understand the aromas and colours of your wines? They are very different from the same products processed with traditional systems

Our wines are different in their nature! Whether colour (which comes from the maceration or fermentation), smell (which comes from the yeast aging and often takes a year or two to become accessible) and taste (which is so insanely complex), they move to new horizons. We call them honest representatives of nature, where wine remains wine. We do not want mainstream wines but individualists!

How do you see the wine of the future? Do you believe that the number of wineries that it will carry out on the natural method will increase?

Honest wine will always have its place! We are of the opinion that naturally grown wine will become even more firmly anchored in the market and will make up most of the wine list in good gastronomy.

New projects for the future?

Our heads are overflowing and smoking with ideas! What we want to do in any case, are products around the grape. What our grandparents & great-grandparents have made back then everything so. For example, in the past there was always a barrel with a vinegar mother standing around somewhere on the farm, where wine was always poured into it. We tried that out again in the first Lockdown and the result was so convincing that we bottled an own vinegar right away. There are still many ideas that we want to implement! You will certainly hear a lot from us in the next few years!


We are sure that Michael and Johannes will honor this promise, because the passion and creativity that drive them are a guarantee of amazing results.
We are very happy to have known them and to have made them known, because they have given us true emotions as their genuine natural wines are: the advice is to try them and let yourself be amazed.


Stay connected because we are sure that the fairy tale does not end here…


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