Cascina la Barbatella: a concentrate of passion and creativity directly in the bottle!

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Nestled on the sunny hill in the heart of Monferrato, a UNESCO heritage site, surrounded by lush nature that gives a truly exciting glance, you can find “Cascina la Barbatella”

The estate is owned by Cinzia and Lorenzo, a Milanese couple, parents of 5 children, who bravely decided to divide their hearts and their time between the city and the countryside and in 2010 they arrived in Nizza Monferrato, to start this adventure.

Since then, they have worked hard to transform this historical winery into a contemporary reality that perfectly reflects their identity, without taking anything away from the charm of the history and traditions of the place.

Entering at “La Barbatella” we are welcomed and amazed by a well-kept green garden that opens onto the surrounding hills and vineyards, where Lorenzo and Cinzia built a modern designed “Factory”, perfectly incorporated into the context, where everything is created to put the visitor at ease.

Large windows that allows to enjoy the view even on bad days, large tables for tasting, low-volume jazz music that creates a relaxing and extremely pleasant background.

From here we are led to the real “cascina”, kept intact over time with care, where Cinzia takes us on a tour of the bottles stored here after bottling, letting us peek into the niche of the family reserve where are kept the best vintages.

It is very interesting to follow the evolution in the years of the labels which, as the owner explains, have been revolutionized in order to give a touch of personality and contemporaneity to the line of the cellar and, note of merit, personally studied by Lorenzo who we discover to have a vocation and also an art studies background.

We continue the visit to the production cellar, where we are guided through the processing phases by an accurate explanation of the work that takes place here and it is immediately clear to us that at the “La Barbatella” a great attention is given to the quality of the product and to the respect of the naturalness of grapes and vines.

The vines are the strength of this generous and rich territory which gives rise to some of the best known and most renowned wines of Piedmont; La Barbatella can boast some 50-year-old rows among its vineyards with a privileged exposure, a guarantee of a wine of excellence.

Since 2014 “La Barbatella” together with other wineries in the area, has joined an ambitious project that has allowed the birth of a new “Nizza” DOCG: 100% Barbera grown in specific areas of the Monferrato, exclusively following a very precise specification, guaranteeing quality and recognizability.

The “Vigna dell’angelo” is located in the heart of this area and from here are produced Nizza – Vigna dell’Angelo and Nizza Vigna dell’angelo Riserva that we had the opportunity to taste and appreciate:

the first derives from a malolactic fermentation in steel followed by a refinement of 6 months in steel, 12 months in barrique and as many in bottle. A full-bodied and intense wine that satisfies the senses from sight, smell to the taste, certainly to be paired with a tasty main course of meat.

The second, a true gem, produced by only 9 rows of vines of the “vigna dell’angelo” with its 50 years of age, is vinified and aged in 500l tonneau, and then remains in the bottle for 6 to 12 months. Complex and structured, it manages to amaze with its elegance and persistence.

The production of this Monferrato winery is varied and very interesting and we had the opportunity to discover many other new and very special products that we fell in love with.

“La Badessa”, created in honor of the only daughter of Cinzia and Lorenzo: a traditional method born from the blend of Pinot noir and Chardonnay, fresh and pleasant, it is perfect for an aperitif between the vines.

The spectacular “Non È”, an original blend of Chardonnay – Sauvignon Blanc fermented in the bottle and aged in barrique, opens slowly in the glass, releasing different flavors and aromas with every sip.

The “Ruanera”, created with a balanced mix of Barbera and Cabernet sauvignon, fruity and drinkable with a good body, is very versatile and international. For the whole meal.

The genuine “Barbatella”, 100% Barbera d’Asti is defined by Cinzia and Lorenzo as a true “fruit juice” such is its purity. Fruity at the right point, with the characteristic acidity of the most representative grape of the area, it is a perfect business card!

Finally, an excellent product that has thrilled us: the red Monferrato “Sonvico”, Barbera-Cabernet Sauvignon. Full-bodied, structured, enveloping… Adjectives abound to describe this important and  extraordinary red, which lets itself be discovered little by little.

“The Drinkelers” is a project created to discover innovative realities, meet passionate and enthusiastic producers who transmit this energy to their products and their work, giving life to the excellences of which every territory can be proud. Here we have rediscovered all this, with Cinzia and Lorenzo who perfectly combine innovation and tradition, always working to achieve new goals.

Go and visit them at La Barbatella, and let yourself be pampered as we did.

There is a lot of opportunities to do this: the winery’s calendar is rich and full of engaging events and initiatives such as picnics or barbecues between the vines, themed meetings with experts in the sector, guided tastings… all experiences not to be missed!

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